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Casey's Story

Casey Bailey has been in customer service since she started working at age 14 and is a self-taught planner, having once owned an event planning and event management company. Details, efficiency and purpose are three highly motivating factors in all she does. She knows the importance of persistence and how to put her hard work ethic to task, always working to provide the ultimate client experience. With a focus on finding her clients a home, property or building they love, she can bring to light the vision of a space where they can see themselves creating lifelong memories and dreams imagined coming to fruition.

It was the purchase of her second, and forever, home that reinvigorated her love of design and specifically homes. It started with a nine-month home renovation of a house whose original structure was from the early 1900’s, located on a farmette in Kent County. Born in Kentucky, this property is a daily reminder of her family roots of quiet, country living with space to roam and being one with nature. Following her home renovation, she had the privilege of re-designing an old horse barn into a tiny home for her mother, which is located on the family farmette. Being able to see potential in anything/anyone, guides her to living a glass half full approach to life.

She is a mother to two children, Cora and Jamey, and looks forward to weekend family adventures with them along with her husband Matt and dog Harp. Family and friends are a priority and she will always make time for her passions of design, organizing, fashion, fitness and reading. Her life is built and continues to be driven by an awareness to always be learning, growing and an active participant in helping those less fortunate and vulnerable. Living a life of purpose and raising her two children to become responsible, contributing citizens of the world are her life goals. 


c: 302-542-1746

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