Elizabeth grew up vacationing in Delaware for nearly 30 years and dreamt of moving here, of owning one of the beautiful  homes she admired since she was small. Her dream of living here came true when she purchased her home in Rehoboth in 2018. Living here and seeing the life she dreamt for herself become a reality made her realize she wanted to make other’s dream of owning a home here come true too. With ten years of experience in video production and health & fitness, Elizabeth finds great satisfaction from seeing a project being complete, a goal being achieved that allows someone else to succeed, at life, or in making their dreams come true. All of the skills she nurtured, developed and honed in various fields have made her outstanding at anticipating client needs and able to exceed expectations with the knowledge she is able to gain, her insights, and the dedication she brings to everything she does. Because of her underlying desire to help others and assist in their success, Elizabeth is the dedicated agent to help you find the home of your dreams.

cell: 302-245-6014