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Jesula (Jess) Jean is originally from Haiti, migrated into the US over 25 years ago with dreams, sparks and passion for helping people. Jess spent majority of her adult years in South Florida working mostly in finance and administration, volunteering in community work and spending free time with her 3 children. Because of her love and passion to help and advocate for people, she decided to earn a Master Degree in Human Resource Management in addition to an Associate Degree in Photography and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

Jess decided to make a change environment 4 years ago, she, her 3 children, her dreams and desire to help people decided to relocated to Delaware. Today, Jess has combined her education, her services and her drive and passion for helping people with a real estate license, today she is a proud real estate professional guiding those who are dreaming about becoming a home owner 1 happy customer at a time.

If you are looking for Patience, understanding and commitment, whether you're selling or buying Jess will provide you with exceptional guidance. Client focused, result driven, outstanding realtor who makes a difference.

cell: 954.856.4722

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