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current vacancies

Unfortunately, we do not currently have vacancies, but we post new properties frequently. Check back again soon!

It is recommended that tenants with serious interest use the above "apply now" button to fill out a general application and join our waitlist. Pre-approved applicants are notified right away when a new property becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to rent one of The Parker Group's properties?

We accept online applications for our year-long rentals through our website. The link for the application is at the bottom of each property listing.

How do I schedule a showing for one of The Parker Group's rental properties?

We recommend that you first drive by the property to get a feel for the neighborhood, proximity to amenities, etc. If you are still interested, keep an eye out for our open houses, where prospective tenants can view available properties. You must complete an application for the property prior to seeing the property in person. 


I am having trouble finding a rental. Can you help me find a property that is not listed with The Parker Group?

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high demand for rental properties, we do not have the capacity to place guests in rentals other than the ones we have listed. If you are having trouble finding rentals, we would recommend checking The Guide or Facebook Marketplace.

I have a few questions about your rentals. Can I discuss them with someone?

Unfortunately, due to the incredibly high number of inquiries we receive on rentals, it is unlikely that we will be able to answer individual questions. Our office receives hundreds of inquiries for every property we list. Please visit this website for up to date information on vacancies, and apply if you are interested. Applicants who submit an application will have an opportunity to discuss further with our property manager.

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