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I have lived and worked in Delaware for the last 21 years. I moved to Seaford from Cambridge, Massachusetts looking for a fresh start with my then 5 year old daughter. I quickly used my customer service background to start working within the community. Over the years, I changed career path from retail and began working in healthcare in the Sussex County, providing quality healthcare to the community. I have made many good friends and met and married my partner who is a life long resident of Sussex County. Over the years I have shared my love of the Delaware area with my family. Eventually they too shared my love of the area. My sister moved here shortly after high school and my parents retired here 11 years ago.

Becoming a realtor has been a huge dream of mine for many years, but was not a feasible option as a single Mom. Through hard work, diligence and impeccable work ethic I have finally been able to achieve my dream. I am so excited to help others find their dream home

cell: 302-682-9011