Expecting company or an overnight guest – maybe a showing!?!?!? Here are a few areas you can quickly

Entryway or “Drop Zone”

We’re all guilty of letting this area get out of control. Who can resist the joy and relaxed feeling of being home that you just literally “drop” everything as soon as you walk through the door. So gather up all the mail and toss the junk, hang up coats and book bags, have a bowl or basket to keep the keys and loose change in check, and put away any items that found their way there from other areas of the house.

Magazines and Catalogs

You know the stack of them that you swear you’re going to look through but they sit there as you continue to add more!! Gather them up (I’m sure you have a few piles here and there) and actually go through them, one by one, pulling out the current issues that you’ll actually read and recycle the rest. Remember that if there’s an article you want to keep – just cut it out – no need to keep the entire magazine.

Powder Room or Guest Bathroom

If you’re like me – you’re not a fan of cleaning the bathroom. It’s probably the last task on my chore list but if company is expected you know it’s the room they will frequent while they are there. So suck it up and give everything a good wipe down. Make sure you provide your guests with access to towels and essential toiletries (just in case they forgot to pack their own!). Some fresh flowers or a fragrant diffuser is a plus!!


This is an area I live in so I’m constantly cleaning up and wiping everything down. This should be an easy one – wash anything dirty in the sink or toss it in the dishwasher, put everything away, declutter the countertops and give everything a quick wipe down. Done!

Lastly a quick walkthrough the house to pick up any random things on the floor, straighten up and fluff the sofa/chair pillows and bonus points if you pass (yes - I say “pass”) the vacuum.

Now you have a tidy, organized and welcoming home for your guests or potential buyers and I bet it’ll take you less than an hour to complete.

Happy Home!!!

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