3 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Closet

As we say goodbye to the warm days of summer and hello to the cool evenings of fall - do you know where everything is to stay cozy? Has your closet become the victim of your busy summer? Here are a few simple steps to help you take back control of your closet.

Step 1 - To Keep or Not to Keep

Warning! This may take some time depending on the size of your closet, the amount of stuff you have in there and your fear of letting go.

Go through everything in your closet - piece by piece. Chances are you don’t wear everything you own and it’s taking up valuable space.

Make two piles - one for “keepers” and one for “donations”. This applies to your clothing, shoes, belts, handbags and other accessories.

Step 2 - Group & Coordinate

Sort through your “keepers” pile and group like items together - shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, etc. - and then color coordinate.

Starting with shirts - hang all of the white ones together and work your way to black until you have a beautiful rainbow of colors hanging in your closet.

I prefer to use simple and cheap white plastic hangers that I purchase from Target. Any color works as long as you keep it consistent.

Repeat this process with the remaining groupings and don’t forget your shoes and handbags.

Step 3 - Baskets and Bins

For everything that can’t be hung or neatly placed on a shelf - you’ll want to use baskets and storage bins.

These are perfect for belts and other accessories like scarves, hats and gloves.

Again you’ll want to group like items together and place them in the bins that will be stored either on a shelf or stacked on the floor.

I purchase most of my baskets and bins from Target, HomeGoods and The Container Store. Consider creating a cute label or identifier to help you keep tabs of what’s inside. Visit any local craft or dollar store for fun ideas.

Now take a step back and admire the beauty that is now your organized closet and ready to take on the fall season.

Happy Home!

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