Home Halloween Safety Tips

Let’s keep our little trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween and implement these safety tips around your home…

Light The Way

If you’re going to have your light on to welcome the kiddos – make sure you have enough illumination to ensure that your little visitors can see where they’re going and avoid any tripping or falls. Whether you increase the wattage of your standard lights or add additional decorative lights that highlight the path to the treats.

No Tripping

With their focus on the yummy treats – be sure to clear your walkway, steps and porch area of any items that could be a trip hazard. This includes decorative mats, potted plants and pumpkins.

Shaky Railings

Do you have a wobbly or broken railing? Now is the time to get them repaired. With more visitors coming to your front door on this night than any other night of the year – you don’t want someone to lean too heavily on them and get hurt.

Clear The Curb

Limit the risk of a child being injured by clearing parked cars from the curb in front of your home and ones that may block access to a sidewalk. This also includes any garbage or recycling bins.

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