Basic Table Setting For The Holidays

Setting the table for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult - here are some great tips to help you remember the order of plates and utensils when setting your table this Thanksgiving.

1. Picture the word “FORKS.” The order, left to right, is: F for Fork, O for the Plate (the shape!), K for Knives and S for Spoons. (OK - there isn’t anything for R - but you get the idea!)

2. Holding your hands in front of you - touch the tips of your thumbs to the tips of your forefingers to make a lowercase ‘b’ with your left hand and a lowercase ‘d’ with your right hand. This reminds you that “bread and butter” go to the left of the place setting and “drinks” go on the right.

The Emily Post Institute

Some other things to know:

  • Knife blades always face the plate

  • The napkin goes to the left of the fork, or on the plate

  • The bread and butter knife is optional

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