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Mustache Mortgage

Mustache Mortgage is a trusted partner that can help you find a competitive mortgage rate. The team guides clients through the entire mortgage process, from first-time home buying to refinancing. Mustache Mortgage keeps clients informed and at ease, providing regular updates and digital tools. Explore their offerings to see how they can facilitate your homeownership journey.

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Neon Lease

Neon Lease offers property management services from experienced professionals to generate passive income for real estate investors. The company's streamlined systems maximize rental income, protect assets, and deliver exceptional service through tenant screening, inspections, reporting, and reliable rent collection. Click below to learn more.

Canopy Insurance

Canopy Insurance provides comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of clients in Georgetown, DE and Baltimore, MD. With expertise across home, auto, life and more, the company delivers cost-effective solutions while upholding the highest standards of service.

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Sunny Settlements

Sunny Settlements is a local real estate settlement and title company founded by experienced real estate agents to provide seamless and exceptional settlement services to clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania. With a deep understanding of the settlement process from a realtor's perspective, Sunny Settlements aims to forge lasting relationships by consistently delivering top-notch service backed by one of the industry's leading title insurers.

The listed companies either share ownership with, rent desk space from, or have an advertising agreement with The Parker Group, pursuant to which the companies may pay compensation to The Parker Group for the provision of marketing services to promote the use of the companies as the preferred provider in correlation to their specific services. Client acknowledges that owners and agents, because of these relationships, may receive a financial or other benefit. 


Clients are not required to use or recommend Mustache Mortgage, Canopy Insurance Group, or Neon Lease as a condition for purchase, sale, or refinance of subject property. There are other settlement providers available with similar services. You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best service and the best rate for those services.

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