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Delaware, with its rich history and strategic location, presents a dynamic landscape for real estate investors. Understanding the various tax and financial incentives available can significantly impact your investment decisions and outcomes. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, Delaware offers a range of programs designed to encourage investment in different sectors of the real estate market. From revitalizing downtown districts to fostering sustainable development and preserving historic properties, these incentives not only boost your investment potential but also contribute to the broader economic and community development of the state.

We sat down with local expert Dan Bond to review some key programs that can help you maximize your real estate investments in Delaware, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals and the state's growth initiatives. Check out the full video here, and view the highlights below (each program’s website is linked in the title)!

1. Downtown Development District (DDD) Program

Revitalize your real estate investment in Delaware's heartlands with the Downtown Development District program. This initiative breathes new life into 12 designated municipal districts, including Wilmington, Dover, and Milford, offering a lucrative 20% offset on capital construction costs for both new constructions and rehabilitations. The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) administers this program, complemented by city-specific incentives like reduced property taxes and fee waivers. The program is divided into two: Large Project and Small Project set-asides, catering to projects of varying scales with minimal application hassle for smaller projects.

2. Catalyst Fund

Elevate your investment portfolio with the Catalyst Fund, a unique opportunity leveraging American Rescue Plan Act funding. With a focus on transforming vacant or blighted buildings and developing new homes for low- and moderate-income buyers, this $20 million fund is a boon for new and emerging developers. It guarantees a modest profit margin and offers construction financing through Cinnaire, along with a sales gap subsidy from DSHA. The program, prioritizing developers with real estate development training, ensures a maximum developer fee of $20,000 per property.

3. Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Grants & Tax Credits

Go green and gain with federal and Delaware incentives for sustainable home construction and renovation. These incentives encourage the integration of renewable energy and energy-efficient features, like solar panels and geothermal heat pumps. Delaware's Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) and programs like Energize Delaware offer rebates and guidance for using energy-efficient appliances and systems, aligning with the ENERGY STAR program requirements. Builders can also benefit from Federal Tax Credits for incorporating renewable energy or energy efficiency components.

4. State & Federal Historic Tax Credits

Preserve the past while profiting in the present with State and Federal Historic Tax Credits. If your property is part of the National Register of Historic Places and adheres to the National Park Services' rehabilitation guidelines, you could be eligible for tax credits equal to 20% of renovation costs. While the State credits are transferable, the Federal ones are not, and a five-year ownership post-rehabilitation is mandatory. This program, though paperwork-intensive, offers a unique avenue for investors in historic properties.

5. Opportunity Zone Investments

Explore the tax-efficient frontier of Opportunity Zone investing, a national initiative aimed at uplifting economically distressed areas. By investing capital gains in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds for a minimum of 10 years, investors can enjoy significant tax benefits, including deferrals, reductions, and write-offs. This program is ideal for investors looking to pool resources and focus on long-term rental properties, particularly in multifamily developments. Delaware offers unique opportunities in this sector, with financing available from institutions like NeighborGood Partners and Cinnaire, focusing on rural and low-income areas.


Delaware offers a diverse range of tax and financial incentives for real estate investors, each tailored to different types of projects and goals. Whether you're revitalizing historic buildings, contributing to sustainable development, or investing in distressed areas, these programs provide valuable opportunities to enhance your investment portfolio while positively impacting the community. As a real estate investor in Delaware, tapping into these incentives can be a game-changer for your investment strategy.

If you have questions about any of these programs, please reach out to our team. We have helped many investors successfully navigate these programs and would love to help you in your investment journey! Send an email to or give us a call at (302) 217-6692.

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, success is not a mere consequence of chance—it's the result of strategic actions and an unyielding commitment to excellence. Our CEO Dustin sat down with our business coach and industry titan, Emily Kettenburg, to share insights that are invaluable to agents seeking to thrive, especially during these tumultuous times.

For the entire conversation, please head over to YouTube. Want to catch the highlights? See below!

Fostering Certainty in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty has characterized the recent market, and the need for certainty has never been more critical. As leaders, providing assurance to both agents and clients is not a luxury—it is a duty. This involves staying abreast of market changes, being well-versed in inventory, and conveying confidence in every client interaction. Certainty isn’t just a buzzword; it's a professional promise of stability in the unpredictable world of real estate.

Choosing the Right Fit: What Agents Should Look For

For agents contemplating a switch or those new to the industry, finding the right brokerage or team is pivotal. It’s not merely about who offers the highest commission split, but rather which organization aligns with their personal definition of support, accountability, and culture. An optimal fit fosters growth. Agents must seek environments that not only offer financial incentives but also prioritize their professional development and align with their values.

Building a Business: Actionable Steps for Agents

Kettenburg offers practical advice for agents striving to make an immediate impact:

  • Sharpen Your Local Market Expertise: Before engaging with clients, agents must become local market experts. This knowledge forms the backbone of credibility and trust.

  • Connect with Your Community: It’s vital to utilize existing networks and create new connections. Open houses, for example, are opportunities for agents to showcase their knowledge and meet potential clients.

  • Utilize Various Lead Sources: Exploring different avenues such as FSBOs, expired listings, and online leads can create immediate business opportunities.

  • Be Intentional About Part-time Work: If secondary employment is necessary, choose jobs that allow for networking, thus serving dual purposes.

  • Master the Art of Conversation: Real estate is built on relationships. Whether face-to-face or through social media, communication must be a two-way street.

The Simple Truth: Consistency is Key

Dustin reiterates a fundamental yet challenging principle: success in real estate comes down to consistent, daily effort. By talking to people and genuinely engaging in conversations, agents can ensure a steady stream of business. It’s simple but requires discipline.

The Bottom Line: Embrace the Conversation, Lean Into the Future of Real Estate

Being a secret agent in the world of real estate is a path to anonymity and missed opportunities. Real estate thrives on dialogue, on the sharing of stories about homes and lives intertwined. For The Parker Group, and leaders like Dustin and Emily, the message is clear: Success is talking about what you love with passion and knowledge. Engage in the conversation, be consistent, and most importantly, be authentic. The houses might be the commodity, but the relationships built along the way are the true foundations of a successful real estate career.

We're at a crucial juncture in our industry, with the incredible opportunity to invent new ways of doing business that align with what the consumer not only wants but deserves. For agents and brokers alike, it's time to reflect, reassess, and re-engage with the market with renewed vigor and a client-centric approach. The Parker Group will continue to work to lead by example, demonstrating that the right conversations, the right strategy, and the right heart can indeed lead to the right results.

At The Parker Group, we are as diverse and dynamic as the agents we work with, and we understand that one size does not fit all. Recognizing the individuality and strengths of each real estate agent, we've developed three uniquely tailored agent packages—Flow, Nova, and Cosmic.

Here's a comprehensive look at each, designed to help you find your ideal fit:

flow (flō): noun. the perfect blend of freedom and support, where independent creativity meets strategic finesse.

The Flow Model empowers agents to build their own business within our company and unleash their full potential. Our approach offers a unique blend of independence, mentorship opportunities, and support, with a focus on cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration. Our mission with Flow is to empower our agents to deliver exceptional service and results for clients, while building their business on their own terms and according to their unique vision.

Flow Agents are competent and want to build their business in their own unique way. Qualifying agents will have opportunities to serve as a mentor for an additional income stream, speaking opportunities at company events, and a 70% to 95% capping commission structure. These agents should be leaders and ambassadors for The Parker Group while demonstrating a very strong commitment to our core values.

nova (nō'və): noun. a cosmic catalyst for growth, disrupting the norm, and forging new opportunities for growth and transformation.

The Nova Model is designed primarily for new(er) agents, with comprehensive training and mentorship to help jumpstart their careers. However, seasoned agents may also find value in the model, as it offers more leverage by including time saving administrative tasks and marketing expenses. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, our model is designed to maximize early and sustained success and streamline the sales process.

Nova Agents will receive listing coordination, transaction management, listing photography, courier services, additional lead opportunities, and other benefits at a flat 55% commission. New agents will begin in this package and be assigned an expert mentor. We like building homegrown top producers, and this model will allow us to do that more effectively and consistently.

cosmic (kä-zmik): noun. a celestial array of support and resources, propelling growth and fueling boundless potential.

The Cosmic Model consists of highly-trained teams of two, with an unwavering commitment to delivering a superior client experience. By cultivating talent in each of our office locations, we aim to create exceptional Cosmic Teams that provide efficient, streamlined, and personalized real estate service. Through teamwork, collaboration, and expertise, we will set a new standard in the industry and exceed client expectations, while ensuring a financially responsible and sustainable business model that benefits our clients and supports our team.

Cosmic Agents are compensated as full-time employees by receiving an attractive salary, commission, benefits and complete leverage to sell high volume. This comes with a significant degree of accountability and the need to perform at a consistently exceptional level. These agents are selected via a rigorous interview process.

Each of these models is more than just a package; it's a pathway. A pathway tailored to meet you where you are and take you where you aim to be. So, whether you are a seasoned agent or a newcomer, a solitary genius or a collaborative force, The Parker Group has a space that's just right for you.

Interested in learning more? Let's explore which pathway aligns best with your vision and goals. Head over to to schedule a time to chat!

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