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Shalonda's Story

Shalonda is originally a Washingtonian. She lived in Prince George's County, Maryland for 17 years and is now a resident of Easton, Maryland. Shalonda received her associate degree in Business Administration in 2013, her Washington DC Property Manager license in 2014, and her Apartment Manager Certification in 2019. After 12 years of property management, Shalonda moved into the next phase of real estate and received her real estate license.  

Shalonda is focused on providing clients with an outstanding real estate experience by being committed to making the sale or purchase of a home smooth and stress free. She values client care by educating and communicating with the client from the beginning of the process through the end, ensuring that both homebuyer and home-seller will be a lifelong client and friend because their interest is always placed first.

[c]: 202-577-8079

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